Kirsten Dunst Planned to Freeze Her Eggs If She 'Hadn't Met' Fiancé — and Baby Was a 'Surprise'

Kirsten Dunst talks her new Showtime series, her relationship with Jesse Plemons, being a mom to 15-month-old son Ennis and more in her PorterEdit profile

Kirsten Dunst had a specific plan for her family — and then she met Jesse Plemons.

In a revealing new profile for NET-A-PORTER’s digital magazine PorterEdit, the 37-year-old star of Showtime’s new dark-comedy series On Becoming a God in Central Florida talks about being proactive when it came to the future of her fertility, before becoming pregnant with the couple’s son Ennis Howard, now 15 months.

“I thought I would have a hard time getting pregnant, but it was a surprise,” says Dunst, who began dating fellow actor Plemons (“my favorite actor,” she praised him) in 2016 after the two worked together on the set of Fargo. “If I hadn’t met Jesse, I would have frozen my eggs. [But] it feels like I lucked out.”

But despite their connection, the two — who were engaged by January 2017, when Dunst was spotted wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring at the Golden Globe Awards — are in no rush to walk down the aisle, with the actress describing their union as “about as married as you can get” since they “have a kid together.”

“My mom was like, ‘But when are you guys getting married?’ And I said, ‘Mom, I’m not going to get married when I’m pregnant. I want to have fun and have a drink. I mean, we’re paying for this wedding. I’m paying for the bar! I want to enjoy it,’ ” she recalls. “[My mom is] kind of old-school in that way.”

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Kirsten Dunst
Annelise Phillips/PorterEdit/NET-A-PORTER.COM

Dunst may not have had a hard time getting pregnant, but that doesn’t mean first-time parenthood has been a complete cakewalk for the former child actress.

“I cried to my mother-in-law in the second week [of filming],” Dunst tells PorterEdit, revealing that Plemons’ mom Lisa Beth was on set with her as she portrayed struggling mom Krystal Stubbs in On Becoming a God in Central Florida — her first role since giving birth.

“It was the hardest job I’ve ever taken, right after five months off with a baby,” she admits. “I was so tired. I would bring home a tuna sandwich from the craft services table. I would take a bath, and then eat my sandwich in bed while I read the pages and learned lines for the next day.”

But the upside, Dunst explains, was that “Emotionally, I just knew what to do” when it came to the children on set with her. (On the show, Krystal has an infant daughter named Destinee.)

Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst for NET-A-PORTER’s PorterEdit.

Despite her own childhood career in show business, Dunst says she and Plemons, 31, won’t push their son in the same direction — but would certainly help him hone his thespian side, if he shows an interest.

“If you have a kid who’s very cute, I get why people [put their kids in show business],” says the Interview with the Vampire star. “Do a Gap ad and you can make your college money. It’s the first time I kind of understand it. Ennis is so adorable, with two big dimples.”

“He is such a happy baby and I see why I might want that memento of him at this age, but we will probably just encourage him to do school plays,” Dunst says.

Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst for NET-A-PORTER’s PorterEdit. Annelise Phillips/PorterEdit/NET-A-PORTER.COM

On Becoming a God in Central Florida officially premieres Sunday on Showtime, but the first two episodes are available to stream for free now on YouTube.

To see the full interview with Kirsten Dunst, read PorterEdit at and/or download the NET-A-PORTER app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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