Kimora Lee Simmons: 'We're a Normal Family, Doing the Best We Can'

Appropriately titled Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, Kimora Lee Simmons‘ reality show depicts an extravagant lifestyle filled with the glitz and glamour of a successful fashion designer.

However, looks can be quite deceiving, a fact made evident in the latest Page Six Magazine.

In a new interview with the magazine, the mother-of-three insists that her life is, first and foremost, dictated by the demands of motherhood.

“My family is the most important thing to me,” she states.

“I’ve never missed any type of performance — not one recital, not one karate belt. If there’s a toe being tapped, or a tune being whistled, I’m there.”

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While those events are often captured on film — her daughters Ming Lee, 9 ½, and Aoki Lee, 7, are regular stars of her show — Kimora insists that she still prefers to keep some family matters private. When she divorced the girls’ father Russell Simmons and reached a custody agreement granting her full custody and $40,000 in child support each month, Kimora was less than thrilled when her ex-husband released a statement to the media addressing the speculation regarding their arrangement.

“I hate that,” she confesses. “He has such a big mouth. It drives me crazy and it makes me want to thump him in the side of his head.”

That said, Kimora adds that, recently, Russell has seemed to curb his habit of talking to the press.

“Lately, he’s been very good, but when you have such a big mouth and then people don’t know what they’ve heard, and then they write something else, and it’s not accurate…It just kind of drives me crazy.”

Noting that she is “much more private than people would believe,” Kimora has learned to let go and instead focus her attention on what’s important. “You can never control other people,” she says. “You can only control yourself. I have definitely learned that. And then I just let it go.”

Maintaining her stance on privacy has carried over into her marriage with actor Djimon Hounsou. After crossing paths during an Oscar party in 2006, the pair instantly hit it off, albeit not romantically. “We struck up a normal conversation,” Kimora recalls. “We totally hit it off, but it wasn’t with that thought in mind.”

However once the two began “hanging out” and learning more about one another, the sparks began to fly. “He was telling me about his life, but I wasn’t inquiring for any certain reason,” she shares. “It didn’t have [a romantic] feeling to it, and then it ended up being so meaningful. Kind of weird, huh?”

Although they may not have initially envisioned a life together, Kimora laughs that she couldn’t help but ask from the get-go whether kids were a part of his plan!

“Yeah! I did! Right away! I said, ‘Do you have any kids? I have two! Do you want any kids?’ Not like, ‘Do you want kids with me?’ But just in general. It’s just a normal life question.”

Kimora and Djimon eventually tied the knot in a commitment ceremony in Africa. “We’re married,” she insists. “It happened in Africa, in Benin. The girls were there and we had a wonderful time. It was very calm, family-motivated, and spiritual.”

Having recently welcomed their first child together — son Kenzo Lee, 6 months — Kimora cherishes her evolving relationship with Djimon, whom the girls lovingly call Baba. “[We] enjoy discussing everything from politics to wine, and we have enriching, private, happy, balanced, lives together,” the former fashion model says.

“That’s probably the thing that would shock most people: We do things like go to the grocery store and have fun with our kids. We’re a normal family, doing the best we can.”

Her steadfast dedication to her personal life is even more so now with the upcoming Christmas holiday, which will mark the family’s first year as a party of five. “We do everything together,” she raves. “I know we have a little bit of a different life, with all the running around and the TV show, so I want to make sure we’re even more grounded.”

And while the girls’ may be wishing for some top-notch gifts this year — Aoki, who is “obsessed with Coco Chanel” is hoping for fashion books, while Ming has hinted at a list of electronics — Kimora says there is one present that won’t be arriving in her household until the girls are teenagers.

“We don’t do phones. Not until they’re much older,” she notes. “They don’t have TVs or computers in their rooms either. They watch less than an hour of TV a week.”

All the Christmas craze is balanced out by the family’s morning tradition of giving back to their community. After opening presents Kimora, Djimon and the kids will head out to deliver food to local charities.

Traditions are important to Kimora, who has carried on one that’s especially close to her heart. As a child Kimora received an engraved ornament from her mother each year, and now, in turn, gifts one to each of her children every holiday season.

“It was just me and my mom growing up, so that was our tradition. I still have every ornament from every year. They’re all so neat,” she notes.

Source: Page Six Magazine

— Anya

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