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Proudly proclaiming herself a “very good” mom, Kimora Lee Simmons says the proof rests with her children, themselves. Ming Lee, 9 ½, Aoki Lee, 7, and Kenzo Lee, 5 months, are “fun,” “sweet,” “well-behaved” and “mannerable” kids, the 34-year-old Baby Phat CEO tells OK! “It’s a successful thing we’ve got going on.” Kimora adds,

Although she admits she is “scared” to juggle her various professional commitments and her ever-growing family with husband Djimon Hounsou, she hints that a fourth child is likely. “I’m young, so why not?” she asks before adding, “I don’t put a number on it, but I wouldn’t mind — whatever happens. If it’s four or five, I wouldn’t mind.”

That’s not to say that a pregnancy announcement is imminent, however! “I would like a little moment to be free to eat what I want and have a little drink and to enjoy my body post-baby, since the baby has moved out,” she points out. “We always call it the baby condo that they left behind — you know, the belly. Before I get a new occupant in the condo, I’d like a little moment of freedom.”

Kimora promised that when she has news, she’ll share it!

Click below for Kimora’s thoughts on the differences between baby girls and baby boys.

Ming and Aoki are enjoying their new baby brother, and lend a helping hand whenever possible. “They’re into changing the diaper, helping warm the bottle or if I’m breastfeeding, bringing me my little baby pillow,” Kimora shares. “They’re very supportive.”

When pressed to offer up a theory on why the girls have been so welcoming, Kimora suggests that the age difference plays a part, as well as the fact that Kenzo is the only boy. “The baby’s a completely different world,” Kimora notes. “It’s night and day.”

Although life as a mom-of-three is “a lot of fun,” Kimora admits that she often feels “drained and exhausted” — a state of being she says most “Hollywood moms” aren’t entirely honest about. “I’m not the Hollywood girl who’s going to tell you I’m juggling it all and everything’s fine,” she promises. “Like, I had a breakdown today, and I cried when I missed the alarm lady.”

As for body-after-baby, Kimora again says that staying realistic is key. “I think it’s way too much pressure to put on women to be perfect and get back to perfect shape,” she opines before asking, “Perfect shape for whom?”

Djimon is a “hands-on” dad, Kimora says, changing diapers, giving baths and taking baby boy for walks. “Anything that has to do with his son,” she explains, “there’s nothing that he wouldn’t do.” That heightened level of involvement is traceable to Djimon’s African heritage, according to Kimora, where “spiritually and in the upbringing, it’s a little different.”

Calling Kenzo the “common denominator in the family,” Kimora says that her newest addition has “brought both sides … together.” She elaborates,

Ming and Aoki are Kimora’s children with ex-husband Russell Simmons.

Source: OK!