By peoplestaff225
Updated April 26, 2010 02:00 PM

With three kids, a fashion line and a reality show, Kimora Lee Simmons knows just what it takes to balance it all.

“I don’t hit a wall because after being in the business for 15 years, I’m a well-oiled machine. I run a fashion empire and I have kids — I’m a mogul mom,” the May L.A. Confidential cover girl explains.

While she has been known to simply pack up and go — “I say, ‘Everybody, let’s load up the car and do what we have to do!'” — Simmons insists children Ming, 10, Aoki, 7½, and Kenzo, 10 months, remain her first priority, a strategy that only betters her business.

“Successful businesspeople are all about multitasking and running their empires as well as running their families. Your family is your biggest empire.”

Often seen on her reality show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, all three children are on “for a small amount of time … for a very specific reason.” And while Ming and Aoki both love the spotlight, Simmons maintains a strict policy regarding their camera time.

“They have straight As in school. We wouldn’t have it any other way: If you don’t have straight As, you’re definitely not going to be prancing around on TV,” she says. “That’s just not going to happen.”

That said, calling her girls “mini moguls in training,” Simmons admits keeping her daughters out of the industry — now and in the future — is not an option. “They’re hams, and they like having their little show, and they love going to work—but it’s because they see me doing it all the time,” she shares.

“Their dad [Russell Simmons] is a huge producer and a music guy and their other dad [Djimon Hounsou] is a Hollywood guy. It’s just in their blood.”

— Anya Leon