Kim Raver finds a way to shed babyweight

24 actress Kim Raver, 38, who welcomed son Leo Kipling on October 9, has found the way to lose all her babyweight — she needs to fit into her fabulous outfits for new TV show Lipstick Jungle. She plays a fashion editor on a show where — like Candace Bushnell’s other famous novel-based series, Sex and the City — the wardrobe is its own character.

There’s no way you can be pigging out and trying to get into sample sizes and underwear. But at the same time, I think that it’s really important, for me, that I’m eating and taking care of myself.

But she won’t go crazy with dropping the pounds,

I’m also nursing my son, so I’m still going over to craft services — I’m like, ‘I need some cheese, I need some protein. What else can I eat?

Kim and husband, French film-maker Manu Boyer also have son Luke West, 5.


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