by Ali Wing, founder, giggle


Famous for her role as Audrey on 24, Kim Raver took on two new roles in 2007: ‘Nico’ in the CBS show Lipstick Jungle, and new mom to baby Leo Kipling Boyer, born last October. We don’t know what Kim’s personal style might be, but if she’s anything like the powerful fashion magazine editor-in-chief she plays, these would be our top picks for her.


Nico would absolutely adore the stylish and luxurious DwellStudio Baby Blankets. This iconic blanket takes a simple design and serves it up in a sophisticated way, with a reverse knit for two great looks. Made from a blend of cashmere and silk, it has a soft, luxurious feel and a playful, contemporary design—perfect for a woman of Nico’s discriminating tastes.


What kind of diaper bag would Nico carry? Probably the Hannah Diaper Bag by Ramalama. This luxurious leather tote looks like a gorgeous handbag, but is made to hold all your baby essentials, effortlessly combining fashion and function. It’s both sophisticated and stylish—two qualities Kim definitely shares with her character! (Note from Danielle: We also love Amy Michelle’s Chic Baby Bag line.)


Whether you’re a movie star like Kim or just a super star like Nico, one great way to show your star power is the Star Egg Nightlight by J Schatz. This hand-crafted nightlight takes a basic concept and adds a whole new level of style, sprinkling starry little lights all around your baby’s room. Elegant enough to go in any room, this one is a natural for the stylish modern mom’s nursery.


And finally, for any parent with exceptional taste, we have the Binth Baby Book. With its beautiful design, no one would even guess it’s a baby book, meant to preserve photos and record memories. It’s heirloom in quality, and totally modern in design—a perfect little indulgence for the professional, urban mom.

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