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Updated August 08, 2007 10:54 PM

Last month, Kim Porter, Diddy‘s on-and-off girlfriend of 10 years,ended her relationship with the rap mogul and moved out to Hollywood,from New York, with their kids, Christian, 9, twins D’Lila Star andJessie James, 7 months, and Quincy, 16, her son from a previousrelationship. Kim, 36, opened up to OK! about her decision to leave Diddy, 37, how it has andwill affect their children and more.

On leaving Diddy: Despite having recently welcomed twindaughters, Kim says it was not tough to break up with "Mr. Combs," asshe calls him, who she believes has been unfaithful ("I’m aware thathe’s cheated").

Infidelity notwithstanding, she adds that she will always love him.

On how the kids are adjusting: "We’ve been in different places before,so that’s nothing new to them. I’m sure, as time goes on, they willfeel the separation. But we try to do things together, to show themthat we’re still connected. We may not be together as boyfriend andgirlfriend, but we’re together as a family."

On living in California: Kim loves the "lighter" atmosphere and the breezy outdoors, as do the kids.

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On bi-costal parenting: "There’s going to be a lot oftraveling, but we have a lot of friends who have private planes, andthey travel to New York once a week. We’ll be pretty much bumming aride on the plane."

On the twins: "They’re very sweet, happy little girls. Jessieis feisty, always wants to play and always has a smile on her face.D’Lila’s very happy, but she’s a little more serious. You can grabJessie and throw her up in the air and she’s like, ‘Yay!’ D’Lila’slike, ‘I don’t think so.’"

On Justin, Diddy’s son from his relationship with Misa Hylton-Brim: Kim says Justin, 13, will always be a part of her family.

On losing the baby weight: No workout or diet here — Kim credits her good genes for getting her pre-babies shape back.

On her future plans: In addition to developing a TV show, Kim is also working on a clothing line for kids.

Source: OK!, August 20 issue, pg 56-59