"You guys always say my house is so minimal — well, you guys haven't seen my playroom," Kim Kardashian said in a video on her Instagram Story

By Robyn Merrett
February 13, 2020 01:21 AM

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West may have a minimalist mansion, but their children’s playroom is a vibrant, toy-filled wonderland.

On Wednesday, Kim, 39, gave her Instagram followers a tour of the colorful space, explaining “You guys always say my house is so minimal — well, you guys haven’t seen my playroom.”

In a series of videos shared to her Instagram Story, Kim kicks off the tour by showing off the main area, which features a concert-like stage that she says her children “often have band.”

Atop the stage is a drum set, a bin filled with microphones for karaoke — alongside an array of Takashi Murakami Flower Cushions. The pillows cost around $600 to $6,000. The room also boasts a Kaws Companion Figure, which costs more than $5,000.

Next, Kim shares that the room has a built-in projector that allows her kids (North, 6, Saint, 4, Chicago, 2, and 9-month-old Psalm) to watch movies while they play.

Also in the playroom are a collection of toy horses, a ball pit with an attachable slide, and an art easel for painting.

The room also features a shelf of teddy bears and dinosaurs section, which Kim notes is for Saint, as well as a variety of dollhouses and baby carriages for Chicago.

Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram
Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram

Although it’s clear the room is where fun happens, the West kids also use the space to focus on their education.

In a different video, Kim shows off a homework area, that includes a table that’s positioned in front of a well-organized bookcase.

“This is where they do their homework. All in here is organized educational stuff,” Kim explains.

However, when the children are done with their schoolwork, they can enjoy their selves with a little grocery shopping.

“This is Chi’s world over here,” Kim says as she pans the camera to show an ice-cream parlor by Styled by Mama and a grocery store that includes an actual cash register.

“You can actually ring people up in the grocery store,” Kim explains as she rings up a piece of toy bread after moving it down the conveyor belt.

Chicago’s area also includes a washer and dryer, so she can pretend to do laundry.

For the final leg of the tour, Kim takes her followers inside a walk-in crafts closet.

Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram
Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram

The room houses an array of bins, which contain containers filled with crayons, stamps and play-doh — all organized in respective sections with labels. Also in the closet is a selection of costumes.

“It’s a pretty organized area,” Kim says while showing off North’s princess slippers and different crowns and tiaras.

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“So, this is where my kids have fun,” Kim says concluding the tour.

The tour comes after Kim — who made headlines last month for giving a tour of her massive, restaurant-sized refrigerators — opened up about her home alongside Kanye for their cover story in Architectural Digest‘s March “Star Power” issue.

In a video that accompanied their feature, the couple took a quiz about their $60 million California mansion.

Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram
Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram
Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram
Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram
Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram

Kanye reveals what changed after they moved into this house together in 2017 (“I stopped being lonely”) and Kim shares which room has the best lighting for selfies: Surprisingly, “the theater.”

At one point, Kanye asks his wife, “When was the last time you used the pool?” With a bashful smile she admits, “I’ve never used our pool, actually.”

Kanye looks shocked, and Kim continues, “Yeah can you believe that? But I love our pool.”

She goes on to explain that the family does not have a jacuzzi because Kanye couldn’t find a spot in the backyard where he felt it looked aesthetically pleasing.

“I wanted a Jacuzzi, and then everyone kept designing them off to the side and it bothered you so much,” the Skims founder reminds her husband. “But the kids love to swim in a Jacuzzi, so you said, ‘No, the whole pool will be a Jacuzzi.’”

And they did: “We just make sure that it’s hot all the time,” she says.

Though Kim has never entered her highly heated pool, she says that the extended Kardashian-Jenner crew makes use of it, noting that all her siblings kids come over often and lounge on the wide shallow steps that lead into the water.

“We built a really long stair, and it’s not the deepest pool, so the kids love it,” the mother of four admits