You're welcome, Kimye


As the world anxiously awaited the arrival of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West‘s third child, a daughter — who was born via surrogate on Monday — we were plagued with important questions.

Standouts included, “Will she fit seamlessly into her big sister’s star-studded squad?” “Will she even want to be the center of attention?” and “Who will her favorite Kardashian be?” But nothing trumped the most important question of all: “What will Kimye name her?”

While the couple have yet to share the perfect baby name they’ve chosen for their new daughter to complement the unique monikers of her older siblings Saint, 2, and North, 4½, we’ve taken the tough task upon ourselves to dream up something suitable. Here are some of our suggestions.

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1. Star: North has her own suggestion for what Kimye baby No. 3 should be named. “She has a toy, a llama,” Kardashian West told Ellen DeGeneres. “She named it Star West. She names everything Star West.”
2. Kimyé: An accent pumps up the fancy-schmancy factor, no matter the name. Oh, and it’s pronounced Keem-YAY!
3. Kanye Jr.: It’s the biggest compliment of all, if you’re West.

4. South: Not only does Kardashian West miss going to grocery stores without having her every move photographed, but also flying on Southwest Airlines.
5. Baby: Easy, breezy, beautiful.
6. Dope: What’s more dope than a newborn baby? (Spoiler: NOTHING.)
7. Mermaid: Because North has an affinity for mermaids and it would only be right to name Kimye baby No. 3 after the little girl’s most recent obsession.

8. Beyoncé: Considering JAY-Z and West’s tumultuous relationship, we can’t tell if Queen Bey would be honored or horrified by the choice.
9. KoKo: The sweet gesture makes up for all the times Kardashian West’s expectant sister Khloé Kardashian served as her go-to babysitter.
10. Karla: DeGeneres was definitely onto something.
11. Jayne: There’s nothing plain about Jayne (especially when there’s a “y” involved.)
12. Kontour: An homage to KKW Beauty while simultaneously serving as proof that, yes, Kardashian West is taking her makeup swatches very, very seriously.

13. North: The Second Coming: Continuing the tradition of weird celebrity baby names, while making it known to the OG Kimye baby that she will always be the family’s first princess. (And you just know North would be all about it.)
14. Goals: Kardashian West’s Cher hair is goals. West’s love for his wife is goals. Everything they touch is goals.
15. Kym: Kim, but with a pinch of sass.
16. Bible: Arguably the KarJenner crew’s most-used word, proving the legitimacy of a statement.
17. Taylor: LOL, JK.

18. Like: Another word that is frequently used in the famous sisters’ vocabulary. Imagine all the parenting moments between Kardashian West and Kimye baby No. 3: “Like, stop crying,” “You’re so cute, Like” and “Like, I can’t believe you’re not vibing with this green juice.”
19. Sweet Dream: Already thinking of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna‘s reactions.
20. Kris: The sweetest tribute to the ultimate momager and Jennifer Lawrence‘s BFF, Kris Jenner. Not Kim’s ex-husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries … though one could argue the marriage and subsequent divorce led to Kimye’s whirlwind romance, but we digress.