Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Buy Daughter North, 6, Michael Jackson's Jacket for Christmas

Kim Kardashian showed off the gift on her Instagram Story on Christmas Eve, explaining her daughter is a big Michael Jackson fan

Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kanye West have gone all out for their daughter North this Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Kardashian West, 39, shared a series of videos on her Instagram Story, revealing that she and West, 42, had bought North, 6, the exact velvet jacket Michael Jackson wore while out with Elizabeth Taylor once.

Kardashian West explained that she and West won the jacket in an auction and that “North is a really big Michael Jackson fan.”

Inside the jacket, pictures of the late singer wearing the ensemble alongside Taylor lined the pockets.

“We knew she would love this,” Kardashian West explained in the videos.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star also shared that she had the sleeves of the jacket “tacked up” so that North can wear it now. The hem can also be taken out, so North can wear it later in life as she grows.

“She’s so grateful and excited,” Kardashian West said happily.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian/Instagram
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The couple’s purchase comes as the public perception of Jackson has become even more divisive since the release of the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland — which resurfaced allegations that he sexually abused young boys.

Leaving Neverland was released in January and focuses on the stories of two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who claim that Jackson sexually abused them both as children. Prior to his death, the star had repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, and he was acquitted in a child sex abuse case leveled against him in California in 2005.

Still, the documentary had a lasting impact on Michael’s legacy; several radio stations took Michael’s hits out of rotation and the star’s 2,700-acre Neverland Ranch (now renamed Sycamore Valley Ranch) was put on the market at 70 percent off its original list price.

Elizabeth Taylor & Michael Jackson
Barry King/WireImage

North isn’t the only Kardashian kid to receive an extravagant Christmas present.

On Monday, Kylie Jenner‘s daughter Stormi Webster got her own massive playhouse thanks to “Lovey” Kris Jenner.

The proud grandmother, 64, makes an appearance in daughter Kylie‘s newest vlog post, where the Kylie Cosmetics mogul shows off her elaborate Christmas decorations alongside her 22-month-old daughter.

Kim Kardashian and North
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

“My mom actually surprised Stormi with the best Christmas gift of all time and I filmed it,” Kylie, 22, says in the video before playing footage from earlier in the day.

“Why are you crying?” she asks Kris, to which the latter replies that the moment is “[making] me emotional.”

“It’s for Stormi,” says the Kardashian-Jenner momager as Kylie pans the camera to show Stormi’s luxe new digs, set up in the backyard.

Kylie then ventures into the backyard to check out the sweet gift, telling the camera, “I used to have a house like this when I was Stormi’s age.”

Upon reaching the cute house (which features multiple entryways, a working doorbell, a faux fireplace, a mailbox, a wall air-conditioning unit and even a balcony), Kylie points out the “Welcome Friends” text above the front door and admits, “This makes me wanna cry!”

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