By peoplestaff225
Updated October 20, 2008 11:00 AM

If you’re dreading the approach of cold and flu season, as I already am, the good news is that temperature-taking has never been easier thanks to Kidz Med’s ThermoFocus ‘No-Touch’ Thermometer ($70). Employing ‘never wake’ technology, it will silently give you a temperature reading in just a second (really!) without the need to ever lay a hand on your cranky, sick child.

The ThermoFocus works by interpreting infrared emissions from the body; during each temperature taking, this thermometer carries out a sequence of 125 readings every hundredth of a second, which are then computed in a tiny microprocessor and revealed on an easy-to-read display. Simply aim the ThermoFocus in the middle of the forehead, move it back and forth until you find the right distance (which you’ll know by the way the infrared beam appears — two fuzzy dots mean you’re too far away, two distinct dots mean you’re too close, one defined dot means you’ve positioned it correctly), press down the smiley face button button, release, and you’re done.

— Missy