Wild Kratts hosts Martin and Chris dish on their passion for sharing their love of animals with kids.

By peoplestaff225
Updated March 06, 2011 11:00 AM

Sometimes there are questions we can’t necessarily answer for our kids.

How fast can a cheetah run? How much does a baby elephant weigh? What is the world’s biggest whale?

For such creature queries, luckily, there’s the PBS series Wild Kratts, an animated show that takes children on adventures into the animal kingdom.

The show’s stars, New Jersey-born brothers Martin, 45, and Chris, 41, shared an interest in animals while growing up, and after pursuing zoology degrees in college, they set off to explore their passions.

“We picked up a video camera, went to Costa Rica and started filming wildlife videos,” Chris tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

“We edited them in our basement and started bringing them to schools to show kids.”

On their first series, Kratts’ Creatures, the brothers introduced viewers to all kinds of exotic animals. But with Wild Kratts, they take things a step further.

“There are so many never-before-seen animal moments,” Martin says. “No matter how long we spend out in Africa filming creatures, you can’t see it all. But with animation, we can show everything.” While scenarios are often made up, the science is never falsified — it is educational, after all.

The show centers on Martin and Chris, assisted by a team of scientists who create crazy inventions that give them the abilities of animals. “We love being animated — you don’t get any bumps or bruises that way,” jokes Martin.

But what the brothers love even more is bringing animal education to children. “We want kids to meet all of these amazing animals with whom we share the planet,” Martin says. “When kids really know about animals, they want to work to save them.” Adds Chris, “Animals can take you anywhere in the world of science.”

Catch Wild Kratts daily on PBS (check your local listings for show times). Also, check out our exclusive video interview with the show’s hosts below.