By peoplestaff225
Updated May 28, 2008 11:00 AM

by Ciaran

Keepingtrack of your baby’s kicks is a simple but potentially lifesaving task.Most doctors suggest that pregnant women keep track of their baby’skicks in between visits, as a low tech but telling way of measuring thewell being of the unborn child. Until recently kick counting was asimple but somewhat tedious chore, requiring you to sit and concentratewith a clock or stopwatch and pad of paper, as you meticulously notedthe time of each kick.

With KickTrak ($39.95) that method of keeping track is a thing of the past. KickTrak wasdeveloped by an obstetrician and offers women a more convenient way tocount kicks. The small portable digital device is used once a day whenthe baby is most active. WithKickTrak, you need only press a buttoneach time you feel the baby move. It records the time of each movementand keeps a record of the session that you can share with your doctor.When you have recorded ten kicks and are through with a session, KickTrak plays a lullaby for you. Count kicks while watching TV, or catching up with your reading on Celebrity Baby Blog. When it is this simple you have no excuse not to keep track. Additionally the KickTrak can be used as a pregnancy countdown, as it tells you the weeks and days left till your due date. When you go into labor, it can also be used to time your contractions.

Celebrities love the convenience of KickTrak. Jennifer Lopez used this device to count kicks when pregnant with her twins, Max and Emme. And most recently Angela Kinsey of NBC’s The Office,hand-wrote a note to the company to tell them how much she enjoyedusing her KickTrak to keep track of her daughter’s movements.

I loved using my own KickTrak so much during my recent pregnancythat I shared it with my own doctor, who has since started recommendingthis device to all her patients.