Khloé, you owe us

By Grace Gavilanes
March 09, 2018 04:26 PM

Khloé Kardashian has been one busy mama-to-be as she prepares to welcome her first child — a baby girl! — with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Not only has she been busy preparing for her daughter’s arrival (with major shopping trips with mom Kris Jenner), but Khloé is also running an empire, which includes her Good American line, producing Revenge Body and posting selfies aplenty. Also, she’s probably still jet-lagged, so we don’t blame homegirl if she’s catching up on that beauty sleep.

So, we took it upon ourselves to help the youngest Kardashian sister out with a super helpful list of baby name suggestions. (Key word: helpful.)

2. Gina: “Damn, Gina! Your mom is real cool,” says everyone little Gina will ever meet. Khloé might as well name her that.

3. Khloé: The reality star previously said that if she were having a boy, she’d most likely name him Tristan Jr., after his dad. So “Khloé” just seems like the obvious choice here.

4. Kan-YAY: A tribute to Khloé’s favorite (read: only) brother-in-law and the way the family pronounces the rapper’s name.

5. Kamille: Also the name Khloé once gave her camel toe, “who used to steal the spotlight all the time!” Move over, Camille, Kamille Thompson is (almost) here to begin her reign as the object of her mama’s affection.

6. Jada: Because Jada Pinkett Smith is a KarJenner family friend — and a national treasure everyone should emulate/name their kid after.

7. KoKo: Kim calls North “Nori,” and Khloé will probably call her namesake “KoKo.”

8. Trista: While we wouldn’t be surprised if Khloé was a big Bachelorette fan (shout-out to OG Bachelorette Trista Sutter!), we’d be shocked if “Trista” wasn’t on the Revenge Body star’s shortlist.

9. Tloé: Pronounced “low-ee,” Tloé is super fancy-sounding and not obnoxious at all.

10. Kris: It’s a downright travesty that none of the KarJenner kids have named their kids after the reality TV matriarch. Khloé, for the love of Kris Jenner, please do your mom proud.

11. Jen: Surprising to all, but mostly to unofficial KarJenner sibling Jennifer Lawrence.

12. Great American: Of course she’s Great! She’s Khloé’s daughter!

13. Kayden: You know, just in case Khloé is pulling a fast one on all of us and is actually having a son.