Kevin Federline talks about fatherhood

E! Entertainment caught up with Kevin Federline recently while he was shooting his latest promo ad. When asked about how the single life is going, Kevin said she right he is focusing on the kids, not dating:

It’s all right. But I see it more like the life of Daddy, because it’s all about the kids right now.

And when asked about his favorite part of being a Dad, Kevin said,

I like everything—the hardships, the good times. I like being able to play around and watch my kids laugh and scream. It’s hard to say to somebody who doesn’t have kids…I don’t know if you do or you don’t.

Kevin even admitted to being a bit too wild in the past and he credits his children for getting him a bit more grounded.

It’s definitely grounded me. Everything wild that I used to do got canceled, thrown out the window…no running around the house wearing panties around your head.

Kevin not only has his two boys, Jayden James, 7 months and Sean Preston, 20 months, with ex-wife Britney Spears but two other children, daughter Kori, 4 1/2, and son Kaleb, 2 1/2.

Source: I’m Not Obsessed

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