Kevin Costner's children having trouble adjusting to life with his new wife

Kevin Costner’s children Joe,17, Lily,19, and Annie, 20, are finding it hard to accept his wife of almost 7 months Christine Baumgartner into the family. Kevin said,"It’s been a journey for them. I don’t know what goes on in the psyche of daughters but they wanted to be the one who gets me the sandwich and things like that, saying, ‘No, he likes it like this,’ and (Christine) was going, ‘Oh, OK.’ It was the same with everything we did. They still wanted to do everything for me and it took time before they let her into the family."

Kevin and Christine dated for four years before getting married. They were married September 25, 2004. Christine is 29 years old, just 10 years older than his two oldest children. That may have something to do with the adjustment. Their mother is his first wife, Cindy Silva.

He has supposedly said they want to have their own child by the end of this year.

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