In the sweet clip, the singer's daughters used their dad's winning trophies from the Billboard Music Awards as microphones
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Sorry Jonas Brothers, it looks like the Jonas sisters have taken over!

On Wednesday, Kevin Jonas shared a hilarious video of his daughters Alena, 7, and Valentina, 4, pretending to all three members of the popular boy band — introducing themselves as the siblings Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas.

In the adorable clip, Alena and Valentina use their dad's winning trophies from the Billboard Music Awards as microphones while sitting on the kitchen island in their pajamas while.

"I'm Joe," Alena says with confidence in the silly video, while her sister says "I'm Kevin" in a deep voice. The pair then take turns announcing the names of each Jonas brother, each time using a huskier voice.

At one point in the clip, Valentina argues, "No I'm Kevin" when her sister tried to take over the role as their dad.

"Whelp," Kevin, 33, captioned the video, also tagging brothers Nick and Joe in addition to the official Jonas Brothers account.

Impressed by Valentina and Alena's skills, the Billboard Music Awards account wrote, "🏆🏆🏆," to which Kevin replied, "we did it"

"To be fair, we all are Kevin," Wells Adams teased.

"With the heavy metal attitude," Jordan McGraw added of the girls' imitation.

This isn't the first time Valentina and Alena have wanted to take center stage.

Last year, the two girls, made a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon while their dad, along with brothers Nick and Joe, were being interviewed by late-night host Jimmy Fallon.

"Kevin there's a really cute person popping their little eyeballs in," Fallon said when Alena appeared in the background of Kevin's screen.

"This is life, right?" Kevin responded, as he welcomed Alena and Valentina to say hello.

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Danielle Jonas with Alena and Valentina
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When Fallon told Alena his daughter, Winnie, is around the same age as her, Kevin encouraged his daughter's homeschooling protocol.

"His daughter's 6 too. She's doing schoolwork right now. Aren't you supposed to be doing schoolwork right now?" he asked Alena, to which the little girl laughed and then said goodbye to Fallon and her uncles.

But, she wasn't quite done adorably interrupting her dad at work. Several minutes later, Alena popped up again to ask a homework question. "I'll do it right after babe, OK?" Kevin promised before getting on with the interview.