October 15, 2015 11:15 PM

Kevin and Danielle Jonas enjoyed a night out on the town Monday, a break from their busy lives as mom and dad to 20-month-old daughter, Alena Rose.

“She’s getting so big!” Danielle told PEOPLE at The Knot gala in New York.

“Everybody kept on telling me she’s going to get so big, so fast, and I would hate people saying that — but it’s so true!”

Their toddler is talking up a storm, but can’t quite say “fish” yet, Kevin says.”She says a profanity instead of ‘fish.’ I think you get the idea,” he jokes.

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Alena is also in love with dogs, the one trait she got from her mother. The parents agree that she is a spitting image of Kevin, and joke about dressing her and her little buddies up as the Jonas Brothers for Halloween.

Unlike brothers Nick and Joe Jonas, Kevin is focusing on fatherhood right now. But the singer still brings out his guitar to entertain his little girl.

“It’s the first time she heard that song, I played it and she just lost it,” Kevin explains. “I’d stop and she’d just look at me like, ‘Why are you stopping?!’ It was very sweet.”

The couple will celebrate their six-year anniversary in December: “Once we get past this [year], seven [years is] the average so we’re doing really well,” Kevin says.

Their secret to a successful marriage is to “just stay happy, communicate, try to do things together,” he adds.

And as far as siblings for Alena, “we’re always talking about it, so it’s always there,” says Danielle.

— Kristen Caires

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