Kevin James can't spread the love, rags on Sesame Street

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When Kevin James found out he and his wife Steffiana De La Cruz wereexpecting a second child, Shea Joelle, now 4 weeks, he, like mostparents, questioned whether he’d be able to love her as much as hisfirst child, Sienna-Marie, 21 months. The actor jokes with Conan O’Brien onLate Night that he was surprised at his reaction.

I had [Sienna] and you think this is the only child you’regonna love and the fact that you’re having another one, you don’t thinkyou’ll be able to love it as much. But they say you adjust and it’samazing how you love your kids equally. And it’s not true. I don’t carefor the second one as much. I wanna feel the love. I can’t fake itanymore either. I don’t know what to do. Don’t feel bad – we’re gonnahave another baby, so this one has another to play with. I’m sensitiveto it.

As he mentioned on Letterman, becoming a parent the secondtime is not as intense as the first. Kevin, 42, kept a close watch onnurses whenever they came by to pick up Sienna, but such was not thecase with Shea.

You kinda slack off a little bit. The nurse comes in, youdon’t care. Literally a janitor stopped by and was like, ‘I’m justgonna take the kid.’ I’m like, ‘Sure, go ahead. Clean her up. Justbring her back when you’re done. That’ll be fine. No problem at all.’

Having two kids now has made their household even more messyand hectic, forcing Steffiana to draft a new house rule, much to Kevin’sdisdain.

It is a little crazy because she’s starting to makerules with the two kids that they’re going to be crawling around thehouse and stuff and she made a rule of – and this kind of annoyed me -no shoes around the house. It’s so annoying because she makes meenforce the rule too. ‘Oh, look at the movers. Can you ask ’em to taketheir shoes off?’ And these guys are big guys and they’re moving stuff.And you know what, you make the rule, so you enforce the damn thing.

In between asking guests to take off their shoes, Kevin spends much ofhis time watching Sesame Street with his kids. And while he loves theshow – he’s recently shot an episode – the I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry star does have one chiefcomplaint.

They repeat a lot and that really pisses me offbecause I’m just waiting for new episodes of Sesame Street to come out.It’s like The Sopranos – C’mon! Turn it over! Do something! Then yousee one and you’re excited and you think it’s gonna be a new one andyou’re like, ‘Near and far again! That’s what it is – near and far! Isaw this 100 times.’ I loved it the first time, but c’mon, keep megoing here.

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