As an actor, Kevin Dillon‘s career has taken him all over the globe; As a father, however, traveling with a toddler leaves much to be desired! “It’s just really hard because my wife [Jane Stuart] is Scottish, so we have to go back to Scotland and it’s like three different flights,” he tells PEOPLE at the 8th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball.

Fortunately, with 3-year-old daughter Ava having recently graduated from diapers, the couple have one less item to pack, but Kevin is quick to admit that the rest of the gear — and airport security — certainly make up for the difference! “It’s tough, man,” he says.

An experienced traveler with Ava in tow, the 43-year-old has picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. His advice? A movie! “I think the DVD player is always good, keep them busy, put on Sponge Bob or something and let them zone out,” he suggests.

While his travel troubles may not be the highlight of fatherhood, Kevin shares that daughter Ava certainly knows how to make her dad crack a smile! “She does this thing where she goes in between my legs like a figure eight and she says, ‘I’m a nake!’ — meaning ‘I’m a snake!’ — but she says a nake, and I don’t even want to correct her,” he shares. “I think it’s hilarious.”

Kevin is also dad to Amy, 18, his daughter from a previous relationship.

— Anya with reporting by Shruti Dhalwala