Costner looks a little scary in upcoming action flick Criminal, but don't expect his children to notice

By peoplestaff225
Updated December 03, 2020 06:26 AM

Kevin Costner looks a little scary in the upcoming action flick Criminal, but don’t expect his children to notice.

The actor says his young brood with wife Christine Baumgartner — daughter Grace Avery, 5, and sons Hayes Logan, 7, and Cayden Wyatt, 8 — is never really surprised when he changes appearances for his big screen roles.

“My children are kind of used to that — Chris has to explain, ‘Daddy looks a little different sometimes at the PTA meetings,’ ” Costner said during an appearance on Today of his partially-shaved head for Criminal.

“If I come home — and that haircut I actually had was pretty severe — and Gracie looks at me and then looks at Mom and says ‘Daddy’s been fighting again, huh?’ ”


He adds, “They understand — I can usually tell where I’ve been in the world by the haircut I had.”

The 61-year-old, who also has three adult children with ex-wife Cindy Costner, and shares son Liam, 18, with Bridget Rooney, said when he’s not sparring on set, he gets into a less intimidating character: dad.

“Most of the time it’s experiencing what the kids are going through,” Costner said of his free time. “Just the way I was raised — I think there’s a lot to be said with how you’re raised — but we’re at all the Little League games, we’re in that car constantly, we’re trying to get the kids on the same team so we won’t have to go to three different practices.”

He continued, “So poor little Hayes, who’s in the middle, is having to play with 8 and 9-year-olds and he’s like [7], and he can hack it. So there’s gonna be this point where he’s gonna go ‘Why was I always forced into leagues?’ ”

Grace, however, isn’t as in to the athletics: “She’s my girly girl,” Costner said. “She’s sewing and she’s dancing, but when she sees the ball bouncing out in the backyard I can feel her gravitating out with the boys — but everything has to stop when she plays.”

— Lindsay Kimble