Keurig Single Cup Coffee Brewer: a cuppa coffee in 30 seconds flat

Oh how I love my Keurig Single Cup Coffee Brewer! I rarely experience such adoration for kitchen implements but this machine has earned it. As a busy full-time work at home mom, I require three things- caffeination, speed and easy clean-up. The Keurig machine provides all three.

You pop a pre-measured/filtered k-cup in the machine, close the lip, select the cup size (on certain models) and high pressure hot water shoots through a hole that is punctured in the top and bottom of the k-cup directly into your mug. The whole thing takes about 30 seconds. If only the machine could add the milk and sugar! I love that I only need one hand to prepare the coffee and can do it holding Anya (or the phone).

Clean up is a breeze- open the lid, remove the used k-cup and throw it out. I don’t love creating more plastic waste but it’s a minimal amount. If this bothers you, I recommend other companies that use a pod that contains no plastic like the Senseo, Bunn My Cafe, Melitta One:One, etc. However, these pods are individually wrapped to preserve freshness so you are still throwing out something.

They offer over 130 varieties of coffees and teas to choose from 8 coffee companies and 3 tea companies, including Green Mountain, Timothy’s, Tully’s, Diedrich, Van Houtte, Gloria Jean’s, Paul Newman, Coffee People, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, and Twinings. I love the variety of flavors offered. My current favorites include Van Houtte Macadamia Nut, Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee, and Green Mountain’s Spicy Eggnog.

You can purchase boxes of 25 k-cups for $10-14, with each cup averaging about $.40 per cup. I order most of my coffee from Phil over at, who sells individual cups for $.69-.89 each with free shipping. You may be thinking- why would I pay twice the price for the same thing? I started ordering from Phil to try the different varieties before committing to a box of 25, but then I discovered that even if you try something and like it, you don’t necessarily want to drink 25 cups of it! I made this mistake when I ordered a box of Timothy’s Perfectly Pumpkin (pumpkin overload!). So I’ll order whole boxes of tried-and-true flavors like Hazelnut Cream from for an average of $10/box (another good deal is from

– they sell 2 boxes for less than $20) and then 5 k-cups at a time of flavors like Green Mountain Gingerbread (not bad), Timothy’s German Chocolate Cake (too chocolate-y for me), and Gloria Jean’s Mudslide (nice). (Disclosure: is one of our new advertisers but only because I so enjoy Phil’s service and asked him to consider advertising.)

If you are considering a Single Cup Coffee Brewer but aren’t sure if this Keurig machine is right for you, read this article on comparing the costs of different machines and their Holiday Gift Guide (their Father’s Day Gift Guide is what helped me decide on the Keurig). Whatever machine you get, they make a great gift for yourself, your husband, or other coffee-loving friend or family member.

The Keurig currently comes in three home models: the B40 ($100), B60 ($150), and B70 ($200). You can also buy a discontinued model, the B50, which is what I have, for around $100-130 at BJ’s and maybe other discount places. The chief difference between all of the models is different water reservoir sizes and brew-size options. A bigger water reservoir is a nice touch because you have to refill the water tank less often (it always keeps enough water heated for one cup) but unless you drink 6 cups of coffee a day, you only have to refill it every couple of days. The brew-size option to me is not that great. With the high end model, the B70, you can choose between brewing a cup of 5.25, 7.25, 9.25 and 11.25 ounces. The bigger the cup, the weaker the brew because more water is going through the same amount of coffee grounds. If I want to fill my travel mug, I just brew two cups, but most of the time I brew 7.25 ounces, which is available on the cheapest model, the B40, so that’s what I recommend.

Special offer for Celebrity Baby Blog Readers: Phil at sells the brewers for at least $10 cheaper than you can get at or (all three offer free shipping and a free box of coffee) but Phil is offering Celebrity Baby Blog readers a 10% discount on everything – brewers and coffee – when you email him your order and mention CBB. If you can’t wait, the mid-level model is also available at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens and Things, BJs and other retail stores where they also sell boxes of a few types of coffee.

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