When Kerri Walsh revealed that she and husband Casey Jennings planned to start a family after the Beijing Olympics, she wasn’t kidding! Just two days after taking the gold medal in women’s beach volleyball with partner Misty May-Treanor, the couple — married in 2005 — conceived their first child. The milestones are not mutually exclusive, either — at least in Kerri’s eyes! She tells the May issue of Pregnancy magazine that “when we won the gold, it helped me focus on the next medal, which was getting pregnant.” The experience has exceeded her expectations…So much so that she’s vowed to have “at least” three children — and preferably four!

The couple opted to learn the sex of baby-on-the-way, but they’re not sharing. Initially Kerri says she “truly did not want to know,” but it was important to Casey. “We had an ultrasound two weeks before Christmas and I asked the doctor to put the news in an envelope and seal it as a gift,” she recalls. “I cried as he opened it and we found out together.” The reason for her change of heart? “I thought it would help him connect to the pregnancy more since I’m living it every day,” Kerri, 30, explains.

While many women find themselves unmotivated to work out while pregnant, as an Olympic athlete Kerri often has the opposite problem. “I’m not trying to kill myself anymore,” she says. “Slowing down the pace has been the most challenging part.” She keeps herself in shape with a mix of light cardio, weightlifting and Pilates — but all the squats in the world haven’t been enough to fight the inevitable. Jokes Kerri,

Source: Pregnancy, May issue