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After husband Casey Jennings had the chance to channel his favorite character for son Sundance‘s name, Kerri Walsh Jennings had dibs on their daughter’s moniker.

But when the couple’s baby girl arrived Saturday, the beach volleyball star skipped feature films and made a beeline for her favorite book for a bit of inspiration, settling on Scout Margery for their little girl.

“Scout is my favorite character in all of literature — Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. She’s brilliant. She loves her family and I just love her little spirit,” Walsh Jennings said while introducing her daughter on Today Tuesday.

“And Margery is after my mother, who is the most beautiful human being I ever met.”

But in addition to sporting the same name, Walsh Jennings’ daughter may have also scored some of her namesake’s feisty personality. The athlete was induced three days prior to her due date and after a slow start, it wasn’t long before baby girl was ready for her big debut.

“It was lightning fast,” says the newly minted mom-of-three, adding that the doctor didn’t make it in time for the delivery.

“I knew what was happening, and I think [the nurses] are just so used to it taking a longer time,” says pro volleyball player Jennings. “If [Kerri]’s hurting, it’s go time and they started to get a little more heat on it and … the nurses brought the baby into the world.”

With three gold medals under her belt — and now three children to match — Walsh Jennings, 34, is ready to get back in the game and win big at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“I’m not done dancing yet. As far as I’m concerned, I’m just beginning,” she says of her plans to go for a fourth win. “Between now and then there’s a lot of tournaments to play in. I know what I’m gunning for, but Rio gold is the ultimate.”

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— Anya Leon

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