Keri Russell says she's happy to no longer be a 'baby slave'


Babies, particularly in the first year, are often measured in terms of milestones. For first-time mom Keri Russell, one recent milestone has made all the difference — the smiles being given by son River, 5-months.

The best thing is when they start smiling. You aren’t a baby slave anymore. You think, ‘They recognize me. Yes!’

Keri says that she was surprised not only by how tough the sleep deprivation of raising a baby has been, but also her emotional response to children everywhere.

You become a parent and you can see anything — I don’t care what it is — and you get emotional. We were watching ‘Finding Nemo’ and I was like, ‘Oh my God, he’s lost and he’s not going to find his dad!’ and Shane finally was like, ‘OK, it’s a cartoon.’ I was sobbing. It was crazy. You can’t control yourself, and then you are a parent to everyone.

Keri, 31, has been married to Shane Deary since February.

Source: Boston Herald

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