November 16, 2007 01:00 PM

Video courtesy ABC
Keri Russell got some much-deserved sympathy from the ladies of The View on Friday, when she revealed that she was in labor for 38 hours when she gave birth to her son, River Russell Deary, in June.

“It was intense… It was a long time. But it all worked out okay,” she said.

Also impressing the panel on Friday? Russell’s slim figure five months after delivering. “Girl, how did you get back to a size zero so quickly?” Sherri Shepherd asked.

“I would love to say I worked out every day. But it’s truly genetics,” Russell, 31, said. “You have what you have, and then you work hard or you don’t. And I… It was genetics.

So, did she work out at all? “I didn’t – because I didn’t have a babysitter until two weeks ago. It was like walking through the park. And I have to say, breast-feeding, you burn so many calories, and I’m still doing it.”

Russell also had some kind words for her carpenter hubby Shane Deary. “It’s like living with MacGyver. He can fix anything.”

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