Keri Russell: 5 things I've learned about being a mom

August Rush star Keri Russell, 31, is five months into parenthood, and sat down with People to share what she’s learned so far.

1) I thought before that you have a baby and you would instantly be like, ‘I’m a mom!’ But I still feel like a kid. I didn’t anticipate that. I have this baby I love very much, but I’m the exact same!

2) You can’t control things like you used to, and you have to roll with things better. I like to keep things very clean, but all that goes out the window.

3) You still have to see your friends, but the one thing that changes is you have to develop weird bedtime rituals to get the baby to sleep, so that kinds of x-es out the dinners with them. Shane and I sing, play guitar, and do bath time.

4) He throws up, so you can’t wear nice clothes. But none of that stuff matters as much anyway. There’s something else that’s so much more important.

5) You just become that much more empathetic, and your heart is that much bigger. It’s wild, but it happens!

Son River Russell Deary was born in June.

Source: People, December 3rd issue, p. 32

Do you relate to any of the things Keri mentioned?

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