Keri Russell chats with ePregnancy about River, motherhood, and her work with PKIDs

As a new mom to son River Russell Deary, now 8 months, Keri Russell had a lot of choices to make — to find out the sex of the baby or not, her birthing experience whether to vaccinate or not, and more. In October, the 31-year-old actress chose to become a spokeswoman for PKIDs‘ ‘Silence the Sounds of Pertussis’ campaign, and have herself and husband Shane Deary vaccinated with the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) booster to protect their son from whooping cough, which infants can catch from adults. Keri recently spoke to ePregnancy about pregnancy, motherhood, and her work with PKIDs.

On keeping the baby’s sex a delivery surprise:

We kept the sex a surprise.  We were convinced [the baby] was a girl, but so, so happy to have a boy.

On her birthing choices — Keri had a midwife-assisted hospital birth:

I absolutely loved having a midwife.  I just felt the attention was more personal and more … connected.  There is a great new documentary called ‘The Business of Being Born.’  It is amaaazing.  And it really discusses how natural child birth is and should be.  And what an amazing powerful gift it is to experience as women without all the intervention, when possible. 

Anyway, very inspiring film and it made sense to us.  And yes, we were in an actual hospital, which was nice as well.  Especially for our first, when you just have no idea of what is in store.

On motherhood challenges and triumphs:

It is truly overwhelming all of the new things you feel being a parent for the first time, not to mention trying to work at the same time. 

And I would say everyone kept telling me that those first 3 months were going to be hard but then you’d get over the hump and [now] I know what they meant.  Because right after that, the baby starts smiling and laughing and having more exchanges with you and its easier to read what’s going on with them. 

But yeah, those first smiles and laughs … they’re everything.

Source: ePregnancy

The ‘Silence the Sounds of Pertussis’ campaign is sponsored by the nonprofit organization Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases (PKIDs).

Click the source link for more on Keri’s work with ‘Silence the Sounds of Pertussis,’ and her new work schedule (she and the family recently relocated to Los Angeles for a bit while she works on Bedtime Stories).

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