May 17, 2016 05:15 PM

Kendra Wilkinson may be busy with her own show and general parenting duties for her two children, but she still makes sure to carve out time for extra-special bonding moments with her son.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE Now, the Kendra on Top star shares that she still allows 6-year-old Hank IV to sleep in her bed — but she keeps it on a schedule.

“I never want to let [Hank] go,” says the 30-year-old businesswoman and author, who has been married to husband Hank Baskett, 33, since 2009. “He sleeps with me … not every night because Mama and Papa need their lovin’ time.”

The reality star adds while laughing, “He sleeps with me all the other nights that we don’t make love. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, little Hank sleeps with me.”

But Wilkinson — who also shares daughter Alijah Mary, 2, with Baskett — seems to understand that these younger years won’t last forever, welcoming the closeness she can share with her older child at this time in his life.

“It’s so sweet: We wake up holding each other’s hands,” the former The Girls Next Door cast member adds. “I can’t let that go. He’s so special to me.”

As far as her being overprotective, Wilkinson admits that while she definitely feels a protective “thing” around Hank, she doesn’t feel like she’s sheltering him.

“It’s just this mother-and-son bond that’s so deep and powerful,” she clarifies.

She also touches on how her relationship with her son is different from the one she shares with her daughter.

“If she does something wrong, I’m gonna say, ‘No!’ I say it firmly, like a ‘No means no’ type of thing,”  Wilkinson explains. “But when it comes to her dad, or our nanny, she gets away with it, so she hates me right now!”

When asked whether Alijah’s dislike for rules — something she gets from her mom — plays into their dynamic, Wilkinson says she has learned from her own experiences what she’s supposed to do when it comes to her daughter.

“Nobody’s gonna be a perfect parent, you know? We’re all doing the best we can,” she admits. “But the one thing I’m going to take note about from my own life is I’m going to learn to work with her, talk with her, listen to her — not punish her whenever she admits something.”

“And just be realistic,” Wilkinson adds. “Everyone is going to go through their own journeys regardless. You do the best you can with trying to guide them, but at the end of the day, it is what it is.”

Wilkinson says she plans to share the realities of her Playboy past with her children: She has already taken her kids to the mansion and they know her ex, Hugh Hefner.

“I warm them up — I say, ‘This is where I used to live,’ ” she explains, noting that she reminds her kids Hefner is a really good friend of hers. “I’m starting them off by just explaining little things like that, but as they get older, I have no shame in explaining what my thinking was.”

Wilkinson also adds that she has no problems sharing that part of her life with her children because she was in a great state of mind and making her own choices during her time at the mansion.

“I didn’t do things out of being in a dark, depressed state of mind — I was very controlled, and a very happy thinker at the time,” she says. “There’s a difference. Sometimes [the choices you make for yourself] are dark to other people, but they’re the right thing for your life.”

And how does the body-positive Wilkinson feel about where she ended up, despite the relationship challenges that have been thrown at her recently, not to mention those of general motherhood?

“We all make choices other people aren’t going to understand, but it’s just [about] what’s right for your life,” she says, noting that her bucket list is already complete even though she’s only 30. “The path that I chose was simple — it was the exact path I should’ve taken, and I have no regrets at all.”

Jen Juneau

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