December 23, 2014 01:00 PM

Kendra Wilkinson has had her fair share of challenges, but she can always count on two people to keep her grounded: her kids.

“Motherhood has made me a much stronger person and has really taught me what life is really all about,” the Kendra on Top star, 29, says in Mini magazine’s holiday issue.

“My two babies always bring me back down to Earth and remind me that every single moment in life should be taken in. Every second should be appreciated.”

Gretchen Easton/Mini Magazine

And although Wilkinson struggles with finding the perfect balance between her personal and professional life, 7-month-old Alijah Mary is making the juggle all worthwhile.

“Honestly, Alijah is the easiest baby,” she shares. “Little Hank is in so many different sports and we have games every other day for all his teams, and we just bring Alijah along and it is not much more work. She’s such a happy baby.”

The reality star welcomed her second child with husband Hank Baskett in May. But before their baby girl’s big arrival, Wilkinson worked with Vanessa Antonelli from NessaLee Baby to create the perfect nursery for her daughter — and then the expectant mom created a fun, updated bedroom for big brother Hank IV.

“My favorite thing about my daughter’s room is the color and the wood paneling behind her crib,” Wilkinson says of the canary yellow accents, including the drapes from Carousel Designs. “It’s such an inviting and warm color. I’m so happy when I’m in there.”

Gretchen Easton/Mini Magazine

When it came to her son, the proud mama chose a motif that would grow with her little guy. “I wanted my son’s room to play to his personal interests, but will also be something that he won’t outgrow too fast and will last years,” she explains.

“He loves building with LEGOs, so we did a LEGO-themed room and he and his friends love it so much.”

Including her firstborn in the pregnancy was extremely important for Wilkinson, who opted to tell Hank about his baby sister from the start. “It was important to me that he was just as much a part of the journey as I was,” she says.

And her parenting plan worked: According to Wilkinson, her two kids couldn’t be closer.

“He learned how to have a relationship with her even before she was born, how to kiss and hug her before bedtime and love her,” she shares. “When she was finally born and he got to meet her, I’ll never forget that.”

She adds, “Now, they have an extra special bond and really need each other. She has a really special smile whenever he’s around.”

Gretchen Easton/Mini Magazine

— Anya Leon

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