"Kendra's been very good. We don't need a swim coach. He's been following her tremendously," Baskett tells PEOPLE.
Hank Baskett Hank IV Swimming

Paul Archuleta/Filmmagic

Daddy was a pro football player, but Hank Baskett IV could have a bright future in swimming — despite Mom quitting Splash.

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett‘s 3½-year-old son is like a fish in the water, proud papa said Monday at an event at the Playboy Mansion.

“Kendra’s been an awesome teacher, but he’s basically taught himself how to swim,” said Baskett, 30. “Kendra’s been very good. We don’t need a swim coach. He’s been following her tremendously.”

Baskett was on hand for the 8th Annual Bear Trap Entertainment All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party benefiting The Artist & Athletes Alliance.

Wilkinson, 28, stayed home — having just wrapped a day of filming for Kendra on Top — and so Baskett had to field the question of when his son will get a sibling.

“We’re not not trying to have baby No. 2,” he said. “It’s not right now, but hopefully pretty soon we should be trying for baby No. 2.”

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