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Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett went from bombshell Playboy bunny to wife and mother — but even 8 months pregnant,  the reality star hasn’t lost her fun-loving spirit.

Good Carma Studio fêted Wilkinson-Baskett, 28, with a pastel-colored, candy-filled baby sprinkle on April 19. From the wine tasting by Consensio Wines to massages by Manly Handz, Wilkinson-Baskett’s close circle of guests made sure to remember their friend’s former wild ways.

“It was more like a bachelorette party than a baby shower,” joked Wilkinson-Baskett, who’s expecting a daughter with husband Hank Baskett in mid-May. “Seriously, all my friends were drunk, we had all this alcohol there, we had massages from these amazing, hot men. It was just fun!”

PEOPLE caught up with Wilkinson-Baskett to dish on the adorable shower, how she’s preparing for her baby girl and why 4-year-old son Hank IV loved spending Easter Sunday at the Playboy Mansion. 

Your theme was Kendra’s Baby Sprinkle, a cute take on “shower”? How did you come up with that concept?

I just didn’t want it to be called a shower. I don’t need any gifts, and I just wanted it to be light-hearted.The first time around was like, oh here’s everything you need, and this time around … my friends wanted to celebrate me. I got really emotional. It made me happy that my friends wanted to do that for me, and of course Good Carma. The sprinkle made it sound a little bit less like a shower.

What was your favorite moment from the sprinkle? You talked about getting emotional, was there something one of your friends said or just a really touching moment that you remember the most?

I’m hormonal right now. Being surrounded by my friends, the people that really truly just make me who I am every day … I just looked at everybody and I just got emotional. They’re the ones who put me up to this. Every single one of those girls that were there, they’re like, “We want you to have a shower.” They just wanted to celebrate me, and it made me really thankful. It was a very happy day.

Speaking of your friends, I saw in one of the pictures that another one of them is expecting a baby, too! What’s it like having a pregnant pal to go through the experience with?

That’s my best friend Brittany –she’s like my sister. We grew up together, went to high school together, went through our bad times together — and now she’s like church Sundays, pray to God every day, she’s really conservative. [laughs] We’re both on our second kids. It’s funny, being pregnant with your best friend, because we pretty much suffer each other. We never talk happy talk, it’s all about, “What are you feeling?” “I’m feeling like s—.” “I am too.”

Tell me about your dress! It was so cute and I love that you’re still rocking form-fitting clothes. 

For about six months I never wore anything pregnant-related. It was all, “Oh I don’t have to, look at me, I’m wearing Bebe.” But then when I started to really pop, I said okay, I’ll give in, I’ll go in Pea In the Pod and Rosie Pope and see what they have to offer. I’m like, oh my God, I totally forgot how cute these clothes are! Like, what am I thinking, why wasn’t I here before? And why wasn’t I dressing more comfortably before? I was like, God, I’m coming in here to shop even when I’m not pregnant now. … I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista, but this is my last pregnancy — I want to do what it takes to get all of my little pregnancy styles out of my system.

I know the shower wasn’t all about gifts, but you did get some really cool presents. What was your favorite gift? I saw you posing with a onesie that looked like it has a picture of Tupac on it! What’s the story with that?

Someone gifted me onesies with Tupac and Biggie on them, and I’m like, oh my God, they know me right, this is so perfect. That’s so my style, that’s exactly what I would put my daughter in. I just like to have fun. I’m not a serious person, I love hip hop, I love just to laugh and make things fun and not be so serious about everything, and that Tupac onesie was it. That’s exactly what I was hoping for during this sprinkle.

To move on to the food, which looked amazing, I saw there were lots of fruits and veggies.

Knowing that the next day was Easter, I was like okay, we have to stay healthy today. So this company [Paleta] came in and brought in the most amazing food, oh my God, amazing food. It was all organic, extremely healthy, veggies, dips, it was beautifully set up. … That food was perfect, it gave me energy I needed to survive that day because sprinkles can be tiring. But the next day, Easter, man, I went all out.

I saw that your family spent Easter with Hugh Hefner, and you posted a really cute Instagram of little Hank entertaining you all with a basket on his head. What’s that dynamic like?

Little Hank loves Hef, he loves Hef. He’s like, We’re going to Hef’s house for Easter! He was so excited, he doesn’t know anything about Hef, but he just loves him. I think kids know good people when they see them, and Hef is definitely, he is such a good person. He’s like a family member to us, and it was very important to spend this Easter with Hef. … It was a very family-friendly and kid-friendly party. Everybody thinks of the mansion as like, girls everywhere, which is true, but Easter is all family, all kids.

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I love how in your PEOPLE blog, you talked about wanting to make sure your daughter is more of a superhero than a princess, and is able grow up to be a strong woman and be interested in anything she wants. You’re very athletic: Are there certain sports or activities you hope she’ll be interested in playing?

Sports is extremely important to me and extremely important to make sure I push on these kids. Sports saved my life. … Our son is into sports already, and we’re going to make sure she is. … Whatever she wants to do she can do, but we want her to be all all-around girl, a girl who can do it all, who can beat the boys at anything, just get her to not cry about it. We want her to be tough, rough and tough, and we want her to just hold her own, and I think sports is what helps do that. … She can dress in skirts and dress in dresses, but I want her to be able to change into a baseball uniform or softball uniform also and be an all-around person. I don’t want her to be like, I’m a girl, I have to be like this. Girl, you spit, you pee in the woods. We’re going to teach her how to camp, we’re going to teach her how to be a person, not just a girl.

And do you have any ideas for theme ideas for your nursery?

Well, I’m not a theme-y person, and I don’t think really anybody should be when it comes to a baby. I think shoving a theme in a baby’s face doesn’t really work, because they don’t really know what you’re doing. … I’m keeping it very simple, a little touch of color, a little bit of feminine. It will be very modern and stylish, but zero pink, no pink, but it does have a feminine touch to it, but it’s something that she’ll grow into and just love. … We got the best company to come in and do our nursery and make it exactly the way we want it, and we’re so excited about it. It’s all natural and neutral, it’s more like yellows and browns.

How is preparing for your second child different than your first?

Preparing for my second child is different because I have a first! I have the first running around, jumping on me, kicking my belly, wrestling, not giving me one minute to breathe, but the reason why we’re having a second one is because of the first one. And we know we’re great parents, we know what we’re doing is right, because of the outcome of our first child. We don’t half-ass parenting … we go full throttle, we sacrifice ourselves to make sure our son has everything he needs: education, sports, anything he needs and wants. … Now it’s time to have number two and do it all again and press the refresh button and sacrifice ourselves again and make sure we don’t half-ass it … I want her to look up to me and be her mentor, just like my son, little Hank, does with his father. Little Hank doesn’t look at any other man, any other boy, anybody else like he does to his father, and I want her to do the same to me.

On your PEOPLE blog, you said you’re going to choose a unisex name. Have you picked it out yet? Any hints you can give our readers?

I think we’re 80, maybe more, percent sure it’s going to be a certain name. It is a unisex name, it’s a name that you haven’t really heard before. You’ve heard it on boys, there’s a boy in Hollywood that has it, and I’m not going to tell you who, but you haven’t really heard it on a girl. … It has a feminine sound to it, there’s Taylors and stuff like that out there, but … I think those now are like female names. This one, it’s a new one. … I don’t know how to give you more clues. There’s one I could give you, but it would give it away!

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— Michele Corriston

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