By peoplestaff225
Updated August 15, 2009 06:00 PM

More than a year after suffering a severe heart attack while in Hawaii, Kelsey Grammer is feeling “fantastic” once again. “Honestly, never better,” he tells the Celebrity Baby Blog during the ABC TCA press day. That said, the actor is hesitant to make his big return in Hollywood; His concerns in returning to his career aren’t health-related, however, but rather family focused. “I’m always concerned about going to work now because I’ve established such a connection with my family that’s different than it used to be when I was on Frasier,” he says.

Fortunately, Kelsey is not alone in the industry as his eldest daughter Spencer, 25, also has a hand in acting. While the doting dad is quick to praise his daughter’s performance on the ABC family show Greek, he admits he never expected any less on her part! “I always knew she’d do well,” he shares, adding that he encouraged her to chase her dreams which eventually prompted Spencer’s move to New York. “I want people to follow their own dreams and figure out their own lives,” Kelsey explains.

Although she no doubt receives tips from her father, Spencer has also taught her dad a life lesson or two along the way! “I’m thankful that I was never a teenage girl,” he jokes. “That was my chief lesson from my daughter.” On a more serious note, Kelsey is extremely “proud” of her, but laughs that parenthood, even with a child her age, is still a work-in-progress.”I have learned that it is gratifying and satisfying to offer a life to someone, a child, and watch them grow up and to see them come to fruition and flourish,” he notes.

Spencer is Kelsey’s daughter from his marriage to Doreen Alderman; He is also dad to Greer Kandace, 17, with Barrie Buckner, and Mason Olivia, 7 ½, and Jude Gordon, 5 this month, with his wife Camille Donatacci.

— Anya with reporting by Scott Huver