Kelly Preston and John Travolta Take ECover

Swagtime recently covered the 8th annual DesignCure fundraiser’s swag bag which included products by eCover, the largest producers of ecological washing and cleaning products. With a large celebrity following, The Swagtime Blog was not a surprise to learn that Kelly Preston and John Travolta use these ecologically friendly, chemical free products.

What was surprising was that the Preston-Travolta household became 100% chemical free after their son Jett became deathly ill with a mysterious illness. "We went through a really touch-and-go period, then he ended up getting better [after a few months]," Preston told, "But he has lots of allergies, and has had an asthma attack before. Lots of sensitivities."

Click here to learn which specific eCover products Kelly Preston and John Travolta use and what happened to their son, Jett.

source: theswagtimeblog,

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