Kelly Rutherford's 'Greatest Joy' is Motherhood

Although a bi-coastal lifestyle was a point of contention in her custody battle with estranged husband Daniel Giersch, Kelly Rutherford says that she and 2-year-old Hermés Gustaf Daniel are enjoying “the best of both worlds.” The 40-year-old Gossip Girl star — who splits her time between California and New York — tells PEOPLE that she’s “doing so well” in the wake of the separation because she knows she made “the right decision.”

“I get a little New York, I get a little Los Angeles and so does my son, which is fantastic.”

Kelly notes that no matter where he’s at, Hermés is surrounded by people who adore him. “I love my son so much and he’s loved by both of us — his father and I — greatly,” she says. “As long as there’s a lot of love there, you can get through very tough times.” Being a mom is her “greatest joy in life,” Kelly says, and there is more joy in store for she expects a daughter in June. From the sound of things, it’s an arrival Hermés is anxiously awaiting in his own right!

“It’s never a reality until it’s a reality; I’m sure for a two-year-old that’s especially right, but he loves it. He rubs my belly, he talks to the belly, and we’ve talked about him being a big brother and what that’s going to mean and he gets excited about it. It’s sweet.”

Admitting that she’s longing for a margarita and sushi (though not necessarily together!) once baby girl is finally here, Kelly adheres to a healthy diet normally so eating healthy while pregnant comes naturally. Maternity fashion is a different story, however; to that end, Kelly says she strives for comfort above all else. Among her favorite designers? Liz Lange, Dana Buchanan and Isabella Oliver. She isn’t afraid to mix in some non-maternity pieces, as well. Adds Kelly,

“I go to H&M and buy jeans because I know that I won’t be wearing them probably six months from now. I just find comfortable things to wear. Being pregnant, you still want to feel beautiful.”

Source: PEOPLE

— Missy with reporting by Shruti Dhalwala

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