By peoplestaff225
Updated December 02, 2009 04:00 PM

Crediting breastfeeding for her swift return to pre-baby form, actress Kelly Rutherford jokes in the holiday issue of Observer Playground, on newsstands December 9th, that her motivations aren’t entirely altruistic!

“If I can fit into my jeans like this forever, all of my kids will be nursed for longer,” she quips with a laugh. “No, no, no, you’re not done [nursing]; Those jeans must fit!”

All kidding aside, Kelly — mom to Hermés Gustaf Daniel, 3, and Helena Grace, 6 months next week — says that the calorie burn of breastfeeding accounts for only “part of” her success. Pointing out that “young mothers aren’t in the norm anymore,” she elaborates,

In the interview, the Gossip Girl star goes on to admit that the decision to name her firstborn Hermés began with a joke at her baby shower.

“All of my girlfriends said I should name him Hermés so every day I can carry around things that have his name on it,” she reveals. “I liked the name itself because it was a Greek god, and very strong. And Helena, the same thing, both kind of Greek-y.”

Staying positive in the wake of her acrimonious split from estranged husband Daniel Giersch remains a priority for Kelly, who relies on sage advice from a friend. “Worship all that you see and more will appear,” she shares, explaining that “if you look at all the good things in your life, you will find that it increases the value.”

Kelly has two very good things indeed in Hermés and Helena, whom she singles out as her motivation to move forward.”I have to, what’s the alternative?” she asks. “I can’t let my kids see me fall apart just because of gossip so I just have to figure it out.” She adds,

— Missy