Kelly Rutherford on settling down and Hermès' name


Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford, 39, has made no secret of the fact that she likes being an ‘older‘ mom, but now tells OK! that she was in such a rush to get there that she streamlined her dating process!

I would sit down with my dates and say, ‘I’m ready to get married and have kids, so if you’re not ready for that right away, let’s be friends.’ My husband, Daniel, was very much a family person, and being with him wasn’t boring!

Explaining her 14-month-old son Hermès Gustaf Daniel‘s name, Kelly says,

At my baby shower, my friends joked that I should name my baby Hermèsbecause I love Hermès. Everywhere he looks, he’s going to have his name on everything, especially my credit card bills!

Source: OK!, January 14th issue, p. 75

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