"I'm excited to bring a child into the world, and sharing that experience with my husband is probably the most beautiful part," the singer says

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October 07, 2014 03:30 PM

Kelly Rowland hasn’t been shy about showing off her growing baby belly.

And now that the mom-to-be — who will welcome her first child “in a couple more weeks” — has taken it one step further and has dared to bare it all, she won’t be paying much attention to any backlash.

“It’s really — I won’t say amazing — it’s Godmazing watching your body carry a human,” the singer, 33, tells Elle.

“I took a birthing class and I was amazed by all the things this woman was saying to me about birthing and what the body does naturally. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate that? The body should be celebrated.”

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Despite her pregnancy, Rowland has continued to maintain her fit figure, which she shows off in the series of stunning portraits, by incorporating cardio, yoga and light weight training into her prenatal regimen.

“To be honest, I did modify my exercise routine a bit by just listening to my body. I would tell my trainer [Jeanette Jenkins], ‘This move doesn’t feel right,’ and we’d modify it,” she says. “I still walk two miles every day. I still work out. It’s important to me.”

Other than the occasional need for cherry pie, chocolate ice cream and peanut butter mixed together — and one week where she was “obsessed” with nachos — the expectant star is happy to stick to her healthy habits.

“It’s fine to have your cravings, but I wanted an easier delivery,” she explains. “All the women that I’ve talked to, that have worked out, have such an easy and speedy delivery. Exercise really helps that.”

She adds, “I like being able to have peaceful sleep at night, though there’s no such thing as that now in the last trimester.”

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Just as she’s been flexible with her fitness, Rowland plans to “play it by ear” when it comes to parenting her son with husband Tim Weatherspoon — even if that means bringing along her baby boy to an event.

“Everybody has their normal and sometimes award shows are a part of that,” she says. “I have girlfriends who have that experience and they’ll say, ‘You know, I just really didn’t want to be without my child today.’ And it’s just that simple.”

Rowland is headed back to the studio for an upcoming project and has her eye on starting a boy’s clothing line. First and foremost, however, she’s most thrilled about starting a family with Weatherspoon.

“I’m excited to bring a child into the world, and sharing that experience with my husband is probably the most beautiful part,” she says.

Lance Gross

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— Anya Leon