R&B singer Kelly Rowland opens up about her experiences as a first-time mom in her new parenting guide Whoa, Baby!

By Jeff Nelson
Updated December 02, 2020 05:24 AM
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Kelly Rowland is serving some serious #realtalk about breastfeeding and her post-baby body.

In her new parenting guide Whoa, Baby! — out Tuesday — the R&B singer opens up about her experiences as a first-time mom, offering insights on the good, the bad and the ugly sides of motherhood she wishes someone had shared with her before she and husband Tim Weatherspoon welcomed Titan Jewell in 2014.

“All that gnawing at your nipples will take its toll! In those early days, I was fascinated (my polite way of saying ‘horrified’) by the transformation of the boobs,” Rowland, 36, writes in the book.

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“My nipples were HUGE — we are talking the size of Frisbees — and sometimes I could see these veins bulging out while I was nursing,” she continues. “My boobs themselves were so long and stretchy that I sometimes felt like I could’ve swung them over my shoulders.”

The Destiny’s Child veteran also said she underwent breast augmentation surgery years before she became a mom — and admits that she’s open to having another boob job after she has another child.

“Even with the silicon action, it was like some of the air had been sucked out and they just sort of hung there like flapjacks,” she wrote.

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Added the singer, “I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I’m going to see someone (wink, wink) after I have my second kid. In the meantime, I just tried to enjoy my ability to feed my baby!”

In addition to opening up about the changes she experienced in her breasts, Rowland reveals the “bloody battlefield” her lady bits became after childbirth.

“I could hardly sit down on a wood chair without letting out a shriek of pain … Had giving birth actually ruined my vaj for life?” she said. “I made the mistake of getting out a mirror and trying to study the situation. Talk about the world’s worst idea! When I finally caught a glimpse of the orifice that was causing me so much pain and sorrow, I almost screamed out loud. That bloody battlefield was my vagina? Was I going to look like that forever? Would Tim ever want to come near that nasty scene again?”

After speaking to her doctor, Rowland learned that tearing is a completely natural part of bringing a baby into the world — and shares with readers the advice she received.

“Just stay out of there right after childbirth. Put away the selfie stick. Do not look in that region when you’ve just come home from the hospital, and definitely don’t capture the image on your cell phone for posterity,” she wrote in the book. “Just leave your vagina alone!”