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November 14, 2016 05:40 PM

Kelly Ripa couldn’t be happier that her family is all under one roof!

The Live with Kelly host took to Instagram Sunday to express her love and excitement that her three children were all home for the weekend — and proved with a selfie that they are her and husband Mark Conseulos‘ look-alikes!

“The band is back together!” Ripa, 46, captioned the adorable picture posted to Instagram.

Although each of her and Consuelos’ offspring — Michael, 19, Lola 15, and Joaquin, 13 — took after their father in the dark hair department, they each visibly resemble both parents, who have been married for 20 years.

In July, Ripa revealed that her husband and two oldest children were living in California for the summer while she and Joaquin stayed in New York. “Both my son [Michael] and my daughter [Lola] are with Mark in California,” she said. “They’re all working out there. The two teens are doing internships. They’re working at film houses, and Mark is working on a TV show for Fox called Pitch.”

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A month later, the mom of three sent her eldest son off to college. But although she was sad to say goodbye to the college freshman, she had a project in mind to distract from the sadness: transforming his bedroom!

“I’ve got big plans for his bedroom,” Ripa said ahead of him going off to university. “That bedroom is going to be turned into a mega closet.”

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