Kelly Ripa, Leslie Odom Jr. & More of Your Favorite Stars Talk Parenting & What Family Means to Them

Hollywood's tightest-knit families — and the stars of our inaugural Family Issue — reveal insights into their parenting and how their definitions of family have evolved

kelly ripa and mark consuelos' family
Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa with their children. Photo: Miller Mobley

One thing that connects some of the most famous families in Hollywood is how they feel about just that: family. For fan favorites like Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos or Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, these parents know that in an ever-changing world, the one constant for them is fostering a strong family unit.

Ripa, Simpson, Mira Sorvino and more have shared with PEOPLE exclusively what family means to them — and how those views have changed over the years — in honor of our inaugural Family Issue.

Mira Sorvino and Christopher Backus

On what family means:

"It's everything. You do realize that family is the whole picture, really. It's so much more important than people give it credit for. You realize that as long as our family is safe and healthy, then you have everything." — Mira Sorvino

Milo & Camryn Manheim

On what family means:

"Family can be so many different things now, which is kind of beautiful. It's changed so much through the years, and now it's just where you call home, wherever that is. That's where your family is." — Camryn Manheim

"You want to know what family means to us? Three cats.” — Milo Manheim

On who family can be:

"The people that are there for you more than anyone else. And I just feel like you can't really put it into words. There are some people that [are] my family and I consider them my family. I couldn't tell you why, but they just are." — Milo Manheim

Leslie Odom Jr. & Nicolette Robinson

On how sheltering in place has strengthened their family bond:

"The simple stuff ... being able to have dinner at the same table every single night, being able to read my daughter [Lucy, 3] a book before bed every single night and make her breakfast every morning. You know, that kind of stuff, that normalcy, we've never had that. So that's been really special." — Leslie Odom Jr.

Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross

On what family means:

"It's what's important. Being together as a family, as a unit, that's really what you have. I think that's the most important thing." — Ashlee Simpson

On going through things together as a family:

"There's been so much that has happened in this time with COVID and Black Lives Matter. [There's] been a lot of important things happening. I feel like the time that we have been able to spend with our children has been so important. A lot of times when you're working or you're moving, you don't get that same kind of time. I feel like there's been a lot of growth in the right kind of way with all our kids and time to talk about things that normally we wouldn't talk about." — Evan Ross

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

On getting to know your child better:

"You’ll have conversations with Joaquin where you realize you’ve just learned something new about the way he thinks," — Mark Consuelos

On being inspired by your child:

"[Lola's] generation really supports each other, the way she and her friends have each other’s backs. For all the talk about women helping other women, I see it in her generation in a way I never have before.” Kelly Ripa

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