June 10, 2016 04:30 PM

A breastfeeding mom’s gotta do what a breastfeeding mom’s gotta do.

In the newest installment of PEOPLE’s Mom Talk, four celebrity moms discuss many of the challenges that come along with breastfeeding — including nursing in public.

“It’s not embarrassment, but just when you’re breastfeeding and lactating, people are just kind of like … ” says former Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Killoren Bensimon, 48, before miming a disapproving look to prove her point.

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The mom of two — daughters Sea Louise and Thaddeus Ann, who are both in their teens now — then describes how she even had issues when trying to breastfeed more privately.

“I didn’t want people to see me breastfeeding,” Killoren Bensimon explains about why she once tried nursing in an airplane bathroom.

She adds, “Now, people are more open about it, but 18 years ago, people were not really eager about seeing [other] people breastfeed.”

Breastfeeding struggles are more than familiar to YouTuber Mindy McKnight, who has six children — the oldest two being twins.

” ‘You just [prop] the baby up, and the baby just feeds!’ ” McKnight, 37, says of what she heard about how easy breastfeeding was supposed to be.

“It was not natural for me,” she adds. “It was a process for me to learn how to nurse my child.”

Jen Juneau

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