Kelly Clarkson inadvertently let slip that Anna and Elsa weren't real while explaining her own voice role for the upcoming animated film UglyDolls


River Rose might not let this one go anytime soon.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight about her upcoming film UglyDolls, Kelly Clarkson recalled a recent conversation with her 4½-year-old daughter in which she tried to explain the mechanics behind voicing an animated character. But the lesson ended up backfiring in a big way.

“I was explaining to her, because she was confused, and I said, ‘It’s my voice. Like, you know, like how Elsa and Anna, there’s a person that plays Elsa and Anna?’ And I didn’t get what I was doing!” said the singer and Voice coach, 36.

“I pretty much crushed her dreams,” Clarkson admitted. “I didn’t really realize what I was doing.”

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Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson and daughter River
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Kelly Clarkson with the stars of Frozen on Broadway
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“But she’s very clever. She would’ve figured it out, after finding out that I’m [a voice in UglyDolls],” Clarkson insisted of her older child, joking, “I’m justifying it to make myself feel better.”

The initial moment of realization was still a difficult one for the mother of two, though, who told the outlet she “felt horrible” about muddling the fantasy a bit for River.

“I saw her little face, and I just saw the wheels spinning and I was like, ‘Oh no! … But isn’t it exciting that you can meet the real girl that plays Elsa?’ ” she recounted to ET. “I was like, ‘Let’s flip this into a positive!’ It was so sad.”

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Despite the slight parenting snafu, River and her little brother Remington “Remy” Alexander have had a fair share of Disney magic in their lives, even visiting Disneyland to celebrate Remy’s second birthday last year. (The little guy turned 3 this past Friday.)

And River is a big fan of one of the parks’ characters in particular: Gaston, from Beauty and the Beast — much to her mother’s chagrin.

“Oh great so she’s into bad boys at the age of 3 this should be fun #Disneyland,” Clarkson hilariously captioned a January 2018 snapshot of River staring lovingly into the villain’s eyes in front of Cinderella Castle.

UglyDolls opens in theaters on May 3.