Keisha Castle-Hughes Says Daughter is 'Not Shy'

When — at the age of 16 — Keisha Castle-Hughes announced she was expecting her first baby it caused a public outcry. Having recently portrayed Mary in The Nativity Story, the Academy Award-nominated actress doesn’t mince words when it comes to the timing, telling the LA Times, “I came home from the shoot and got pregnant.” While the news caught some off-guard, Keisha is at ease with her most important role to date — that of mom to 22-month-old Felicity-Amore. A rambunctious toddler, Felicity keeps Keisha on her toes! She reveals,

“She’s not shy…Mum says it’s payback.”

Keisha conducted the interview during a recent trip to Los Angeles, where she has been trying to rejuvenate her acting career. Along for the journey was her partner of more than five years (and now fiancé), Felicity’s father, Brad Hull, 22. Although they’ve been engaged since December 2007, there are no immediate plans to tie the knot. “As far as I’m concerned, we’re life partners,” Keisha, who will be 19 this month, shares. Brad’s flexible schedule as a plasterer allows him to care for Felicity, which in turn frees Keisha up to pursue her craft; If it becomes necessary, the couple are even willing to move to the United States full-time. Explains Keisha,

“I’d love to stay in New Zealand and work from there, but it’s really difficult to commute 12 hours with a 2-year-old.”

Source: LA Times

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