Keisha Castle-Hughes and Felicity-Amore in Women's Weekly Holiday issue


Actress Keisha Castle-Hughes, 17, and her daughter Felicity-Amore, 7 months, pose for Australian Women’s Weekly‘s Holiday issue. This Christmas will be the first out of the house for Keisha and her longtime partner Bradley Hull, 20, who recently bought their own home, but they’ll be spending the day at their parents’ homes — Keisha’s in the morning, and Bradley’s in the afternoon.

Christmas Day for us is totally about family. There are 11 of us, not counting the grandparents. We’ve had this tradition ever since I can remember where we give each other a scroll on which we’ve written what we like about that person. Felicity will get her first scroll this year.

There’s always been a lot of love in my family, but it doesn’t just happen by accident. You have to put in some effort.

Felicity-Amore, whom Keisha’s previously mentioned is a daddy’s girl, apparently still is.

I’m blown away by how much I love her. She’s the biggest joy to Brad and me. She loves [my] Mum and she loves me, but the person she loves best is her dad. She thinks he’s totally cool.

If you missed it back in June, click here for Felicity-Amore’s introduction post.

Source: Women’s Weekly.

Thanks to CBB reader Clare for making us scans.

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