Keira Knightley Says Her Daughter, 3, Cursed After a Near Car Crash: 'It Was Very Polite'

Keira Knightley's daughter Edie, 3, said her first curse word the night Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election — and she hasn't stopped from there

Keira Knightley‘s 3-year-old daughter Edie famously said her first curse word the night Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. presidential election — and the second occasion was just as memorable.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE for this week’s issue, the Colette actress reveals that Edie dropped the f-bomb again recently after dad James Righton nearly got into a car crash.

“It was one of those country roads where it’s a blind corner, and suddenly there’s another car coming,” explains Knightley, 33. “The brakes got put on and there wasn’t a crash, but there was a silence just afterwards and this little voice went, ‘Daddy, is that when you say f—?’ ”

“It was very polite,” continues the mother of one. “Other than that, she has never said any — there’s not been any swear words. So it’s just twice, and both times perfectly.”

Meanwhile, Knightley and Righton, 35 — who wed in 2013 — have turned a deliberately deaf ear since. “What do you say?” she asks. “We’ve tried! We haven’t laughed. We’ve just ignored the situation.”

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Aside from her occasional slip of the tongue, Knightley calls her daughter “phenomenal.” As the actress raves, “She’s great in every way. She’s obviously a genius, and obviously the best child in the entire world. And very well made. But yeah, I’m very lucky. She’s great. She’s totally great.”

Though Knightley enjoys reading to her daughter, Edie has yet to sit down and watch one of her mom’s movies all the way through.

Pirates of the Caribbean was on — we flicked [it on] at Christmas — and we both wanted to see what her reaction would be seeing me onscreen. And she just didn’t even bat an eyelid,” says Knightley. “[My character] fell off something into the water, and she said, ‘You fell in the water.’ I said, ‘Yes I did.’ And she said, ‘Don’t worry, Mummy, I rescue you.’ And then she walked off and she just carried on playing, and we turned it off.”

In fact, Edie is totally unfazed by her mom’s career. “I think she just thinks that everybody’s mum is probably in pictures,” Knightley jokes. “It doesn’t really strike her as anything weird.”

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That doesn’t mean that Edie doesn’t enjoy seeing her mom at work. She visited when Knightley was filming The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, and found one special item on set to play with.

“Edie very much enjoyed my big pink dress,” the actress recalls. “She enjoyed going underneath it and pretending it was a tent.”

So will Edie use that playful imagination to follow in her mother’s footsteps one day? “No, not so far,” Knightley says. “She wanted to be a dentist, and now apparently she’s been to the zoo and she wants to be a gorilla. So we’ll see. I’m hoping for a dentist. It might be a bit tricky if she wanted to be a gorilla when she grew up.”

Colette is in theaters now.

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