KidCo's Go-Pod is a great way to give yourself and your active baby a break.

By peoplestaff225
Updated September 27, 2011 02:00 PM

As babies quickly change from cooing newborns into fast-moving toddlers, parents suddenly realize that they won’t get a thing done if they’re constantly following their little ones around. And this is when play saucers and activity centers start to come in very handy. Problem is, a lot of them are huge — very huge. And eyesores, to say the least.

Not anymore. KidCo’s Go-Pod ($55) is a perfect solution for parents who are short on space. Not only is it lightweight, but it pops open and folds down easily for storage or travel.

Available in three color combinations, it features five toy straps so that you can attach a couple or more of your baby’s favorite toys. It also features two little snack/cup holders for when your little one gets hungry. The height is also adjustable so it grows with your tot. And you can use it indoor or out (ooh, think of the gardening you can do!).

Overall, this lightweight, easy-to-use play center is a great way to give yourself (and your active baby!) a break.

Stephanie Phoenix