Katy Perry Is Saving All Her Looks for Daughter Daisy in a Temperature-Controlled Warehouse

The pop superstar and footwear designer says she created a "Clueless" style closet with her daughter in mind

Katy Perry's closet is what teenage dreams are made of. And her daughter Daisy Dove is luckily going to get to raid it one day.

White chatting about fashion and family in this week's issue of PEOPLE, Perry, 37, shared that she has an expansive collection of her incredible red carpet looks and costumes stored away for her little girl.

"Everything is in a warehouse — it's like the closet scene in Clueless," she said. "It's all itemized by picture and number. Daisy is going to have a lot."

Perry, who shares her 20-month-old daughter with fiancé Orlando Bloom, said that right now she's all about the mommy-and-me matching outfit moments.

"It's very cute, because you only have a limited amount of time before they don't want to wear what you pick out, so get it in while you can," she said.

Perry also told PEOPLE her daughter's name was inspired by a Meg Ryan line in the beloved rom-com You've Got Mail.

"In it she says, 'Daisies are the friendliest flower,' and it's so true — a daisy could grow anywhere and it's just so pure and sweet ... it's just right," she shared, adding that her little flower is "very sweet."

Right now, Daisy serves as inspiration for Perry's Katy Perry Collection footwear line, which she just gained complete ownership of.

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"Whenever I can slap a daisy anywhere, I will," she said. "She's brought so much joy to my life. And there is always joy when it comes down to my shoes. And fun. And always taking chances."

Of buying back her brand, Perry said, "I'm thrilled to relaunch, now I get to steer it in such an incredible way. And maybe put a little more personality into it. And have a last and final say. "

Perry and Bloom, who is also dad to 10-year-old son Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr, welcomed daughter Daisy in August 2020, during the pandemic. They have mostly kept their little girl out of the spotlight this past year, only occasionally speaking about her milestones.

"1 year ago today is the day my life began... Happy first Birthday my Daisy Dove, my love. ❤️," the singer shared in a sweet message on Twitter for Daisy's first birthday last year.

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