By peoplestaff225
June 12, 2007 11:51 PM

Brit star Katie ‘Jordan’ Price, 29, and her husband Peter Andre were recently photographed with a nude Katie perched on Peter’s lap. Katie, who’s expecting their third child in the next few weeks, has had to cancel the remainder of her book signings due to exhaustion, but earlier this week had time to talk to Channel 4’s Paul O’Grady about the pregnancy and her boys — Harvey, 5, and Junior, 2 this month.

On her pregnancy: Katie said she ‘can’t wait to meet her little princess’ and that she ‘just wants her out now.’ Katie made it sound like her due date had been Sunday, the 10th, but we had heard the first week of July.

On Harvey’s mirror accident: Katie explains that the accident occurred when a new mirror, installed in the house four days prior, fell off the wall and onto Harvey, with no provocation from him. Harvey suffered a broken nose and a deep cut on his face that required four stitches.

Taking time off: Katie will be taking 8 weeks off after the birth of her daughter.

Source: The Sun

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Please note that while the photo is tasteful, Katie is nude, so you may not want to click if you’re at work.

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