Katie Holmes method to ensuring the birth of a daughter

The Daily Snack is reporting that Katie Holmes had shared her desire to have another daughter with her friend Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham and that the future Mrs. Cruise is also coaching the former Spice Girl on how to ensure that she too will conceive a daughter.

A source says, "Katie has three sisters so she really wants Suri to have the same sibling bond she enjoyed, a girlfriend to share life with from the word go."

Katie reportedly told Victoria that she needs images of womanhood and female sexuality surrounding her at all times. Katie, who is said to be a fan of the book "Gender Giver" by Portia Gardner, advised her to attend sexy Burlesque shows and even took her one in the Pigalle area of Paris.

"She was recommended to read Gender Giver by a friend who swears by Gardner’s theories and thought it seemed like a lot of fun, " The source says. "Gardner suggests surrounding yourself by female imagery and one of her top tips is to visit a burlesque show and applaud the female form.

She showed the book to Victoria and they decided there’d be no better time to follow Gardner’s advice because they were only minutes away from Pigalle. Victoria has made no secret of her longing for a little girl. She’s interested by the theories in the book as the machismo in the footballing world would, in Gardner’s opinion, explain the many boys in her family."

Katie already has one daughter, 6-month-old Suri, with fiance Tom Cruise. Victoria would like to add a daughter to her predominately male family, including her husband, soccer star David Beckham and three sons, 7-year-old Brooklyn, 4-year-old Romeo, and 18 month-old Cruz.

Source: The Daily Snack

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